How to Find Your Future Spouse: Lessons from ‘Love is Blind’

6 lessons from the hit dating show that you can apply in real life

Cameron and Lauren from “Love is Blind” Season 1, BuzzFeed News

The premise:

1. When you remove appearance — and all its associated biases — from the experience of dating, can you forge a real and meaningful connection that stands the test of time?

2. Can a relationship built on non-external factors survive the superficial pressures and expectations of friends, family, and society in the real world?

1. Establish a shared intention of marriage

2. Date a lot of people

3. Compare non-negotiables

4. First comes love, then comes sex

5. Live together

6. Formally include your families


From right to left: Amber and Barnett, Paras Griffin/Getty Images; Cameron and Lauren, Paras Griffin/Getty Images; Gianina and Damien, Marcus Ingram/Getty Images

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