How to Find Your Future Spouse: Lessons from ‘Love is Blind’

6 lessons from the hit dating show that you can apply in real life

Kristine Hadeed
9 min readMar 17, 2020
Cameron and Lauren from “Love is Blind” Season 1, BuzzFeed News

If you haven’t seen Netflix’s breakout dating series, “Love is Blind,” you’re missing out on a big piece of 2020 pop culture.

The premise:

Over the course of 10 days, 15 men and 15 women serially blind “date” each other in “pods,” which are two adjoining rooms with an opaque divider that prevents them from physically seeing one another. Their focus is placed exclusively on building emotional connections through conversation, with the intent of finding a future spouse.

Think “chat-roulette-meets-e-harmony.”

Only after a “couple” becomes engaged can they actually meet face-to-face, by which point a wedding date is already set for just weeks later. Those whose whirlwind relationships culminate in a mutual exchange of “I Do’s” at the end of the show would seemingly prove the series’ thesis that “Love is Blind.”

In the process, the show basically explores two key questions:

1. When you remove appearance — and all its associated biases — from the experience of dating, can you forge a real and meaningful…



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