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Multi-racial entrepreneur, educator, and activist. Advocating for the liberation and dignity of all people.

Any institution built on these two conditions is a breeding ground for abuse

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I was around 12 years old when I told my parents I wanted to become a communion member of the Orthodox Presbyterian church my family attended.

I had watched other kids go through the membership process. It was a ceremonial event that seemed to demonstrate spiritual maturity, and I didn’t want to be left behind.

At the time, I didn’t question the vows I was asked to profess before a circle of exclusively white male church leaders. They were concepts that my parents had ingrained in me pretty much since birth. I thought believing them made me a godly person…

We need a different kind of power shift

Image: Kabul City Suburb | Credit: sasacvetkovic33, Canva

Women tried to warn us.

“The political situation is made ever more precarious by what many Afghans perceive to be U.S. aggression against our country and our civilians, even as we cheer the possibility of the Taliban’s demise.”

Tahmeena Faryal, the representative for the Revolutionary Association of Women in Afghanistan, made this testimony to Congress just weeks after we dropped our first bomb in her homeland following 9/11. She explained what, exactly, her country needed in terms of support from the global community to ensure long-term stability and thwart the possibility of Taliban rule.

RAWA, on behalf of more than…

Don’t be fooled by semantics— the goal is NOT to benefit everyone with light skin

Image: “Terrified man runs from his shadow” | Credit: francescoch, Getty Images Pro

“White supremacy.” For some White people, it might sound like a utopia where all White people rule together in Eurocentric solidarity.

Black people sometimes indirectly affirm this idea: “White people benefit from White supremacy!” we cry in protest.

First off, this is a god-awful selling point for social justice. Why in the name of Robert E. Lee would White people feel any urgency to dismantle a power structure that makes their lives better? If White supremacy benefits White people, then it would seem to follow that getting rid of White supremacy would make White people’s lives worse. However, the opposite…

How do you keep doing “the work” if it is emotionally unsustainable?

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I remember first becoming well-acquainted with the term “antiracist” in the wake of George Floyd’s public execution.

A surge in public awareness about systemic racism was happening. Amidst the social media discourse, author Ibram X. Kendi’s book “How to be an Antiracist” rose to the forefront of the mass consciousness. In it, Kendi shares a vocabulary for how to understand and speak about injustice:

“There is no in-between safe space of ‘not racist.’ …

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Dear Joe Biden,

I follow @POTUS on Twitter, and this morning I couldn’t believe my eyes. For a second, I wondered if I was living in an alternate reality where Trump won a second term.

This was the tweet that popped up in my timeline:

President Biden tweets “More jobs created than any other president’s first six months in history” with accompanying graphic

I feel embarrassed and betrayed. Really, Biden? I voted for you in no small part to get rid of the context-lacking braggadocio that was typical of the last president’s Twitter activity. And this is what you do?

Economic recovery numbers are a temporary illusion

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If you’re one of the 42.9 million Americans who have federal student loan debt, congratulations! You are a beneficiary in a new round of invisible economic stimulus.

This stimulus does not entail government payments to you; rather, it’s what you don’t have to pay to them — at least, not for now.

Biden just extended the pause on federal student loan payments through January 2022. It was otherwise slated to expire next month.

It was a smart move on the administration’s part. The recent surge in COVID-19 cases due to spread of the Delta variant has already dampened the outlook…

I thought these were all facts. They were really self-fulfilling prophecies

Image: “Cutting the branch you’re sitting on” | photoschmidt | Canva

Affirmations are mantras that we repeat consciously to ourselves to create a desired outcome — “I am worthy,” or “I have everything my heart desires,” for example.

Anti-affirmations are what I call the negative subconscious beliefs that circulate in the backgrounds of our minds. These also create real-life outcomes, whether we want them to or not. To stop them from manifesting experiences that we don’t like, we must first identify what they are.

Below are 5 anti-affirmations that I had to unlearn — and I would bet money that you’ve told yourself at least one of them, too.

1. I’m getting old

Getting old…

And how, exactly, do we get rid of it?

Confused wooden doll | Credit: ChristianChan | Canva (Free Media License Agreement)

I need help. Can someone please tell me what “Whiteness” is?

People are saying that Whiteness is a pandemic, so I’m trying to figure out how to address it. My one request: pretend I’m like the 54% of U.S. adults who read below a 6th-grade level — I want to be able to explain Whiteness to them in very simple and precise language or else the concept will fly over their heads.

Maybe we can start with these questions:

Is Whiteness a skin color?

If so, can you point it out to me?

If you struggle in love, you might be weak in one of these four areas

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Romantic relationships tend to start out fun and easy, so why do they eventually begin to feel like a chore?

Conventional wisdom would have us believe that it’s an inescapable fact of life that relationships are difficult. This perspective makes it easy to externalize the reasons for why that is. We start to feel like relationship complications are an inevitable condition outside of our control.

The truth of the matter is that relationships can be as simple as you want to make them. You just have to be willing to practice the following skills:


To know what you want in…

Conservatives’ war on anti-racist language is escalating

Image source: Texas Public Policy Foundation

Yesterday, the Texas Public Policy Foundation’s Twitter account shared a bizarre cheat sheet of terms for parents to look out for in the quest to scourge schools of Critical Race Theory.

Among the worrisome words mentioned? “Liberation.”

The tweet was stunning in its blatant attack of language we use to describe some of the most basic aspects of identity in the U.S. The very word “identity” was even listed as suspicious.

Kristine Hadeed

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